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Fibreglass Linings of Pools & Ponds:

The fibreglass lining of an existing concrete/marbalite pool is a method of resurfacing and repairing old and/or problem pools which may be cracked, leaking, rough, porous and stained.

In essence by installing a fibreglass lining over your existing damaged pool surface we actually build a new fibreglass pool inside your existing pool.

The fibreglass lining is applied on site and is made up of various layers of resin, fibreglass mat, a surfacing membrane and a final poolcoat, combined and correctly applied they create a fibreglass laminate that is extremely strong, long lasting, durable and water proof which has a almost  maintenance free , life expectancy of  20 – 25 years.

Our fibreglass pool lining have many advantages and added benefits when compared to other coating options, such as marbelite, epoxy, polymer resin coating or pool paint.

Advantages of Our Fibreglass Pool Linings:

To achieve the many advantages and benefits, it is extremely important to have the pool correctly evaluated, as well to ensure proper preparation, correct materials, application and processing of the fibreglass lining.

Each pool is therefore individually assessed on site by our expert sales technicians whereby possible, problems are identified. eg. Structural integrity of the pool structure, underground water seepage, loose or crumbling marbelite / plaster etc. thereafter a detailed analysis and proposal is provided to the client for their consideration.

Basic Fibreglass Lining Specification of Existing Pools:

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