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Fibreglass tanks are ideal for storage of chemicals as they are chemically inert. Poly Phoenix Fibreglass tanks can be manufactured to specification and advice will be given about the transport and delivery of the tanks. Chemical tanks with flanges can be manufactured and very large storage tanks can be designed and made in our factories.

A leaking tank means a serious problem for you! It signals major costs and significant disruption to your production. A major responsibility and headache.

Your options at this point are:

One answer is to decommission the leaking tank and install a new one. The trouble with this approach is that steel tanks generally have a very short life span.

Our experience, over many long years, is that even steel tanks with glass enamel coating last for only 3 to 4 years. Eventually, the coating is damaged, exposing the steel and allowing corrosion to set in.

Another approach, less costly and less disruptive is to go for a tank repair with a PVC liner. Once again this is not a long term solution. As you'll appreciate, in the harsh industrial environment a PVC liner is vulnerable to puncture, corrode and/or tears. Water or liquid pressure will force through the smallest puncture in the PVC and fill the void between liner and tank sides. You are then, back to square one, responsible for a corroding and leaking tank.

The only long term, cost effective, least disruptive answer is a fibreglass lining. Fibreglass properties make it one of toughest and adaptable materials available to industry. However harsh or corrosive the operating conditions your tank has to work in, we have the expertise to produce a lining to match it. With one of our tank linings we can help you break the expensive and stressful cycle of tank leak and tank repair.

Basically, our on-site tank lining process creates a fibreglass tank within your tank. This highlights a fibreglass lining's additional advantage. Its high tensile and compressive strength means that even if your corroded tank has quite substantial holes it can probably be saved with a fibreglass lining.

We guarantee our fibreglass linings for five years but in actuality a lining lasting 20 years is not unheard of. So, a fibreglass tank lining makes sense. By calling us today to do the job makes equal sense. Our 41 years experience and skilled workforce will ensure a smooth operation on your site. We work fast. We work as a team and in full co-operation with your production department. Our fibreglass technicians stick to on-site company rules, with health and safety regulations and industry best practice methods.

Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products - Fibreglass Tanks

Poly Phoenix Fibreglass Products - Fibreglass Tanks

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